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Your Child Should Learn To Code


STEM is a new buzzword in the educational field that stands for the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 15 of the 20 fastest growing jobs require skills in these areas, and educators are encouraging children of all ages to get involved in STEM education classes.

At Computerwisekids.com, we’re passionate about preparing future generations for jobs in the science, mathematics, technology, and engineering fields. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering state-of-the-art STEM and coding classes for children of all ages in California. We offer STEM classes, camps, parties, and more at our tech center in Woodland Hills. If you’re interested in learning more about our classes, or you have questions about some of our camps, feel free to contact our friendly staff today!

Why Should My Child Learn To Code?

The primary push for students to learn to code is centered around preparing them for future jobs. There is a significant skill shortage in the computer science industry, and enrolling your little one in a coding or programming class can teach them a number of valuable life lessons, such as:

  • The significance of problem solving in the workplace.
  • Teamwork is critical to any success.
  • The importance of learning from mistakes.

If we change our perspective a bit and think about code as its own unique language, it’s easy to say that code is one of the most used languages in the United States, and even in the world. As the globe continues to move towards an era where programming and software will take up most of the jobs available, coding essentially becomes the new, worldwide language.

Coding Can Help Your Child Build Problem Solving Skills

Does your child run to you when they have a problem? Does your little one struggle to find their own solutions every day? If you’re looking for a way to encourage individual problem solving in your child, enrolling them in a coding class may be beneficial.

Unlike your typical school class, computational thinking teaches students to break down their large problems into small, achievable steps. Teaching your child this skill is virtually priceless, as it will help your child in an array of other areas down the line. When your child learns how to write code, they will learn how to make and accept their mistakes, while also looking for creative ways to solve problems. Computer programming is a unique field that allows you to test solutions immediately, so your child will quickly learn that making mistakes is normal, and testing new solutions can be fun.

Encourage Creativity With A Coding Class

If your little one struggles to find their voice in a standard educational setting, a coding class is a great way to get them out of their comfort zone. Coding classes encourage children to be creative, and when your child’s creativity is met with a tool that offers unlimited potential, there’s no telling what sparks will fly!

At Computerwisekids in Woodland Hills, we’re proud to offer a wonderful selection of coding classes for children of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re looking for a basic typing class to teach your child the computer keyboard, or you’d like to enroll your child in a 3D print and design class or a robotics class, we’ve got the perfect class for your little one. Check out our After School coding classes online today!

A Coding Class Can Help Your Child With Academics

Did you know that enrolling your child in a coding class or summer camp will help to improve his or her understanding in subjects like physics, geometry, algebra, and arithmetic? In even more advanced coding classes, your child will be introduced to trigonometry and even calculus concepts. Coding has also been found to strengthen a student’s reading and spelling abilities as well.

According to Bill Gates, one of the principal founders of the Microsoft Corporation, "Learning to write programs stretches your mind and helps you think better. It creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains."

Coding Teaches Collaboration & Teamwork

If you have an only child at home, you may be looking for a way to encourage them to make friends and collaborate with others. While it may be hard to believe, one of the most overlooked aspects of coding is the amount of teamwork that goes into the creation of a single piece of software. Whether your child is working on creating a game or app, it is very rare that one person will code everything.

During virtually any coding project, your child will have to regularly communicate with their teammates to make sure everyone is working towards the same goal. For example, if your child is working on a robot with a group of kids, they may be responsible for one moving part, such as the left leg.

Coding Classes For Kids in California

If you live in California and you’re looking for fun coding classes to enroll your child in, look no further than Computerwisekids. We offer coding classes for kids as young as preschool-age and beyond, and we would love to help your child discover the benefits of learning how to code. We offer convenient coding classes at a variety of schools in California, and you can find a full list of schools on our website. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our coding classes for kids!


Popular Programming Languages for Kids


Children are growing up in a new era of technology. From smartphones to iPads, children have more power at their fingertips than ever before, making it a truly exciting time in our society. In recent years, the importance of programming has become a subject of increasing awareness. Ever since former President Obama endorsed mandatory computer programming education in schools across the country, students everywhere are becoming more and more interested in computer programming and coding. This is also likely due to the fact that there is a tremendous demand in the job market for occupations in the fields involving Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology.

While it’s one thing to know how to use these incredible technologies, it’s another to understand the brilliant logic behind them. When children have an opportunity to learn how to program, it opens up endless possibilities for their future.

At Computerwisekids, we truly feel that coding is a wonderful skill for any child to learn and develop. That’s why we offer some of the best programming classes for children of all ages. Whether your child is interested in robotics or creating their own computer game, our classes are designed to intrigue and challenge our students to be the best they can be. In addition to our programming classes, we also offer coding summer camp for kids who want to extend their learning even further. Check out our classes online or give us a call to enroll your child today!

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some popular programming languages for kids.

Computer Language #1: Python

Python is a great computer language for children because it reads like normal speech. This kind of code will give your child an understanding of how to think like a programmer, and with Python, students have very few obstacles when it comes to learning the program.

When you enroll your child in a Python programming classes, they will learn how to construct their own programming ideas before they focus on transferring these ideas into a language that the machine can interpret. Python is also known as a “batteries included” language, which means that many of the common functionalities are already programmed into the programming language, making it easier for young children to learn.

Computer Language #2: Ruby

Does your child like shiny objects? Then, they’ll love learning Ruby! Sorry, that was a bad joke, but all jokes aside, Ruby is a great beginner language for kids. Ruby can be very self-explanatory, which is great for children who are still learning the basic concepts of programming. Ruby was originally used to create Twitter, and offers a robust language and a very readable syntax for beginner programmers.

Computer Language #3: Java

Java can be a little more difficult to learn than Ruby and Python, and is more suited for an advanced student. If your child starts off learning Java, they will be in a great position, and it will make learning other subsequent languages even easier to absorb. When most people think of Java, they think of creating their own apps or websites, but that’s only half the fun of this exciting computer language.

Computer Language #4: C++

Another challenging computer language for children is C++. While some computer science professionals and developers have differing opinions on the value of learning this language, it can open up many doors in the programming world. This programming language can look a lot like math, but many of today’s most successful programmers started their careers by learning C++.


Programming Classes for Kids in Los Angeles

As you can see, there are a variety of programming languages that kids can learn from an early age. If you’re looking for programming, coding, or robotics classes in the Woodland Hills area, look no further than Computerwisekids. We offer a wonderful array of coding classes, from the most introductory to the most advanced, and we would love to help your child explore the wonderful world of programming. We also offer a variety of summer camp classes if you’re child would like to extend their learning. Check out our classes online or give us a call today!

The Pokemon game was all the rage. It was impossible to control my middle school kids because our school was a Pokemon hotspot. I was intrigued by this game and its popularity, so I jumped on the bandwagon to understand its addictive nature. Capitalizing on student interest to build curriculum has always proved to be beneficial. So I decided to do just that.

The students were working on a comic book that illustrated the loss of animal habitats and the affect it has on our eco system in different biomes around the world. I decided to give this project a twist. I told the kids we were making a our own Pop Up Book of virtual animals just like the Pokemon game. We will make our first Augmented Reality based AR Application using Unity and run it using an Android or iOS device.

We used Google Sketchup to draw 1-2 animals from the Biome. We added texture to the 3D animal object to make it realistic. This build took about 4-5 periods to complete.

Then we created virtual buttons with Vuforia in Unity 3D. Unity is a scripting language, and is very popular today because it is used to create augmented & virtual reality games. Unity scripts make our animals POP UP from the book.

Classic stays Constant


Parents are always asking me if they should buy a device for home and what kind of device is best for their kids.

The choices are almost endless. It is a Vegas buffet with non-stop choices for every palate. You can easily get tempted to over indulge, and if succumb to gluttony you will suffer miserably. I am describing my choices to buy computational device for work and play.

A key mistake is to buy a device the child is using at school. School administrator have made a decision to use a device at school with a different set of criteria than yours. They often have budget constraints and vendor relationships to consider. Individuals can take advantage of special deals, last years models, open box specials and more. School computer choices seldem reflect individual needs.

I discourage parents from sharing their personal computer with their kids. I have seen too many kids accidentally downloading a virus and other junk on the machine. There are some things that should be considered "off limits" for kids and Mom/ Dad's computer should be one of them.

So, parents buy your kids their own computer.

What shall we buy? Let's not beat around the bush. Buy your child a traditional computer or laptop and not a tablet or phone.

I recommend buying a computer/laptop (MAc or PC) for these reasons:

  • Has a mouse and keyboard making is easy for young students to use the device easily. For example: Art programs, Spreadsheets etc. are very cumbersome to use on tablet that dont have a mouse and keyboard.
  • Open source software is available for PC's make the this device attractive. There are many free programs that are wonderful to use. My favorite being TUX paint and Sketchup.
  • No limitations on using Flash websites. Adobe Flash is used on many educational websites that host excellent math, science & english language games.
  • Cost are comparable to all the devices out there.
  • To write code, students need a computer. To code in Python, C++, Javascript and HTML etc. you need a PC. Swift Playgrounds is the only iPad app available to teach coding for iOS.
  • Computer last 3-5 years, it can be upgraded (PC's more than Macs)