Party Information

Parties and Events

  • 2 hour party time
  • A private computer lab/ theatre for the activity.
  • A private party room for you and your guests to socialize.
  • Personalized Minecraft world, hottest newest games, best software
  • Parents can enjoy free wifi while they wait.
  • A party coach and party host that is completely dedicated to your party.
  • All the decorations and place settings (balloons, tablecloths, plates, napkins, forks, cups, and more!)
  • Set Up & Clean Up


You may your carry your own food & soda/juice for the event.
Deliveries for catering/pizza are NOT accepted at our location.
Alcohol is NOT permitted on our premises.

We offer the convenience of ordering pizza and goody bags for an additional charge.
See details below:

1 Extra Large 16" cheese or pepperoni pizza - $18.00
1 Extra Large 16" Specialty or veggie or meat lovers pizza - $22.00
Includes all charges- tax, delivery, tip etc.

Goody Bags (must be ordered 2 days in advance)
We offer goodie bags for $8.00 each. Minimum 10 bags.
Each goodie bag contains:
  • Minecraft (1 Minecraft figure, eraser, candy, glow stick)
  • 3D Print & Design (3D printed object, bracelet/necklace/keychain, candy to connect the 3D Print, glow stick)
  • Drones & Robots (1 mini drone or robot figure, eraser, candy, glow stick)
  • Video games (1 mini ninja figure, eraser, candy, glow stick) - Coming Soon

22136 Clarendon St. Woodland Hills CA 91367


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Select a Party Theme

Childhood is short, make this day memorable!

Minecraft Madness

MakerSpace 3D Print & Design

Command Drones & Robots

Video Games (coming soon)

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Minecraft Madness
Minecraft Madness - $290.00

There has never been a birthday party like this! Special worlds have been created for the kids to explore. Your child gets to select from more than a dozen worlds (like: Star Wars, Japan, Egypt and more) that are personalized for the occasion. They will be going on scavenger hunts, mining, hunting, building and collaborating. Each child has a special task to complete and the kids will learn how to pool resources in order to climb the highest mountain or to dig deeper and capture the magic ore. It is a party that no one wants to leave and everyone has a great time. No prior minecraft experience needed. If a child has never played Minecraft, we will give them a basic lesson for the first 15 minutes. Advised age is 6 years and up.

Maker Space 3D Design and Print
Maker Space 3D Design and Print - $290.00

This is a hands on party! Kids will learn to use 3D software to design a 3D object (you can select the object type  prior to the party). Examples include: charms for a keychain, pendant, ring, earrings, a pencil holder, miniature furniture, figurines etc. This is math lesson in disguise, because the kids learn about the X, Y and the Z axis. Everyone starts thinking in a three dimensional way, they start talking a new language. We become creators instead of consumers. The young architects are relating to how negative and positive spaces play a role in industrial designs. We will 3D print your child's "build" to take home. The rest of the kids get a pre-printed build to take home. Since 3D printers take a 2-3 hours print, we can only provide you with child’s build/print by end of party. If it is not ready in time, we will mail it to your address. If you would like everyone to get their print, we can print them for $10 each and mail them to your address as soon as they are ready. No prior software experience needed. Advised age is 7 years and up.

Drone & Robots Party
Drone & Robots Party - $290.00

KIds love to play with drones and robots. In this session, the kids get to write code to fly a drone and move a robot (Sphero/Ollie). We provide each child with an iPad so that they can write an interesting routine. We will have a fun maze set up for the kids to maneuver through. The “spy-bots” will need to be coded to go through tunnels, over bridges and to move through a maze to reach their goal. It is a MAD dash to the finish line, and the race is filled with excitement and fervor. This experience gives the kids a lesson in logic and math. The best part is the kids don’t think they are learning, because they are having so fun. The difficulty levels will be set up as per age levels of the participants. No prior experience needed. Advised age is 7 years and up.

Video Games Party
Video Games Party - Coming Soon

You and your guests can enjoy an amazing video game party. Our theatre is filled with video game consoles and we have a vast library of video games. We have an array of family friendly games to choose from that can appease your guests. Our library is equipped with the latest and most popular games.... Forza, All Star racer, Grand Tourismo, Mario Kart, Kirby, Madden, Just Dance and much more! Your party host will manage and supervise the kids, so you can enjoy the party. Fun is our top priority, but appropriate game content is just as important. Our library of games can be customized to any age group or content level you prefer. Your Game Coach will discuss game options with you prior to your event, please check out our offerings on our game page, and determine what games will be restricted from play during the event. No prior experience needed. Advised age is 8 years and up.