Makerspace Lab - 3D Printing and Design

Students will draw objects using Google Sketch Up and then PRINT them out on the 3D Printer!  Students learn to think three dimensionally and understand proportions and space. This camp will involve student-centered interactive learning. Everything the students do will be hands-on, creative work, including designing personalized 3D models. Students will learn to be “makers” rather than “consumers” of design.

The students in this class will need to solve mechanical problems logically. This class is a very strong introduction to many math concepts.  In addition the students will learn how to operate in 3D modeling environments that involve a surprising amount of logical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Students will draw their own design that can be turned into a 3D design, then customize the object (monograms, colors) and print their creations!  We will be creating some of these: cookie cutters, badges, pins, keychain, t-shirt templates, medallions, counters, game piece for chess, personalized pendant.  We teach using free open source software called Google Sketch-Up, this allows students to continue the fun at home.