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Teacher Education Series: TOOLS

Computerwisekids follows the ISTE standards of Technology Education. We train and educate teachers how to use technology tools and integrate technology in their classrooms.  There are many invaluable resources available for students.  However, our research has found it is tough for the classroom teacher to integrate the curriculum with technology due to the lack of computer training, technical support, budget and time.  Computerwisekids helps give their expert knowledge and technical support to the teacher and classroom.  This system creates knowledge transfer for sustainable teaching.






Technology Tools Education

Onsite and Hands-On Technology Training

Optimizing Technology Resources

Learning and Deploying Technology Curriculum

Software and Applications Education


Mac or PC computer in the classroom with your lesson plan


iPad or other











Simple troubleshooting


Hands on training


Use your own computer


Training done in your classroom where you will teach.


Set up is 100% optimized for success


Simple trouble shooting technology problems that may arise are addressed


School have limited resources. Our job is to make sure the teachers are using all the resources available efficiently.


Teachers are trained routinely to continue the education.


All the equipment is used on a regular basis.


Equipment and software is used appropriately at the grade level ages.


Explore free online resources e.g.: software, learning videos etc.


Create policies, schedules and logs for shared technology equipment.


Project based learning for Science, Language Arts and Math.  E.g.: Digital Storytelling, proving math and science concepts with Scratch.


Migration to Common Core


Hand Eye coordination online exercises developed by Computerwisekids are used for K-1 students.


Typing Tutor (Online application) to learning correct keyboarding skills developed by Computerwisekids is used for K-8 students.


Train how-to teach student applications

Teaching students to be digitally responsible citizens


Educating parents to raise digitally responsible citizens


Standard word processing, spreadsheet or presentation software.


Using an online Gradebook e.g.: MISIS System, Engrade etc.

Set up and Google Edu Apps for schools.  Train teachers how to use the drive, calendar, forms, sites etc.


Classroom Management tools e.g.: Classdojo

Teachers webpage- provided by Computerwisekids


Develop a student’s E Portfolio

Online Gallery- provided by Computerwisekids