Class Pages

A Classroom Web Page!

Communicate with your students & the parents easily. 

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A webpage for your classroom

Computerwisekids offers teachers a website tool to publish a classroom webpage. The functionality of the web page is flexible. The webpage is very easy for the beginners to use and understand. It allows the advanced users to embed code and customize the site. Teachers can connect with students and parents via the webpage to share class news, documents, other websites and upcoming events with a calendar.

The webpage has 5 main sections:

  1. NEWS: The main section that allows you to post your news.
  2. FILES: Upload a FILE
  3. LINKS: add websites you’d like the students to visit. (Photo gallery or educational)
  4. VIDEOS: add a URL for a video you’d like the students to watch.
  5. CALENDAR: a class calendar that merges with the school calendar

How do the parents/student know about this page?
We have a special page with all the classroom listed on it link to the schools webpage. The parent/student visits page on the school website with all the rooms listed. Then, they can view the classroom webpage of their choice. See an example