Maker Space 3D Print & Design (Grades 2-5) Friday: 08/25-06/01

Learn to draw and print with a 3D printer, and then PRINT out the creations on the 3D Printer!  Make your child a creator vs. a consumer.  Students will create and draw their own design that can be turned into a 3D design object. 

Here is what we plan to make in our 3D class each month.

  • August- Customizable U Hooks. 
  • September- Page Holder, Taco Shell holder, Head Phone Stand.
  • October- Scary Eyes for a Pumpkin, Skeleton Rings/Pendant, Turkey Drink Coaster.
  • November-Cookie Cutters & Personalized Ornaments.
  • December- Personalized Ornaments & Miniature Village Buildings.
  • January- a Phone Stand, a pencil topper and Knick Knack for the home.
  • February- An Airplane, design wings for a rocket for speed.
  • March-A Spaceship, A maze game piece.
  • April- Hooks, Door Stops, a kirky invention you design for the home.
  • May- Gifts for Mom, Grand Mom and Aunts.
  • June-Gifts for Dad.

Printing schedule is subject to change without notice

Class Details
Class Dates Check website calendar for class days.
Features Price Includes 5 (1 Hour) Sessions.
Duration Fridays - 5:15pm - 6:15pm
Max. Class Size 20
Refund Policy No Refunds on unused sessions.

3D Print & Design

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