Robotics w/VEX (Grades 4-8) Saturdays: 08/26-06/02

In this course students will learn about the basics of Robotics by building and programming a VEX IQ Robot. Students will gain an understanding of the different hardware components of the robot by building robots to solve numerous challenges. This session will also provide an introduction to various sensors like touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor, gyro sensor and color sensor.

We start with learning the basics of robotics. Students will work with a VEX IQ Kit: Brain - processor which controls the robot; Sensors - Touch, Ultrasound, Gyro and Color; Motors.  We will learn the language ROBOTC.  Which is a Graphical Programming language the drag-and-drop feature of ROBOTC makes it much easier for new students to learn programming. Next, students learn to run the robot in different configurations - tethered and untethered. Configure Motors and Sensors to create a four wheel drive robot with arms and claws. They also learn write commands for all the basic movements and sensors needed for the Robot. Next, we learn about loops and conditional blocks.  Students understand program flow and modeling complex behavior of a robot. Students will learn about if statements, if-else statements and while loops. Then, we learn the basic processes. Basic design processes, good design practices, design and build a robot.

Class Details
Class Dates Saturdays: Price Includes 5 (1.5 hour) sessions
Duration 11:15am - 12:45pm
Max. Class Size 20
Refund Policy No Refunds , No Make-up sessions.

Robotics w/VEX

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